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My social commitment

My small contribution to a better world

Administrator @ UCM Walloon Brabant

UCM is the first partner of entrepeneurs and SMEs in French-speaking Belgium 🇧🇪.


This represents more than 145,000 independents and 30,000 companies.

In my capacity as administrator, I represent the municipality of Waterloo.

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Vice President Diversity & Inclusion

I hold this role within the Belgian Marketing Association.

The aim is to promote diversity and inclusion within the professional world and society as a whole.


Citizens’consumer habits Barometer in Walloon Brabant

In 2021, as part of SuperWomen Walloon Brabant, we have also developed a consumer habits barometer of citizens in theWalloon Brabant region. You can download the first edition here.

Or read a summary via the press article Vers L'Avenir. 



SuperWomen Walloon Brabant

In January 2021, in a context of partial lockdown and wanting to contribute on my own little way to the well-being of the society around me, I created a network: SuperWomen Walloon Brabant. This has taken on an unexpected dimension and now has more than 15,000 members. A caring network based on three pillars: mutual support, entrepreneurship and digital.

As a consequence of this, on March 8, 2022 I received an award from the municipality of Waterloo presented by Mr. Philippe Geluck (Le Chat) for my socially committed activities.

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