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I am an entrepreneur and socially active, mainly in the digital sector & fostering entrepreneurship.

 My name is Maha, Ma-ha, as I always have to spell it out when I meet someone for the first time. Born in Lebanon, I have been Belgian national since I was young girl and today I am married to a Belgian and very much in love with our country. I grew up in Brussels before discovering Walloon Brabant, a region that I truly adore. Digital media is something I am really passionate about. It’s my hobbey AND my job. I strive to reduce the digital divide through my societal action, training, coaching and consultancy assignments. Entrepreneurship is something of a happy accident for me. When I started out, it would have been a real benefit to have someone guide me through it, making it less daunting. So, I try to help those who are getting started as best I can. And finally, diversity and inclusion. These three great causes sum up my journey so far.


My name is Maha, and I try to help to create a better world, in my own small way. For my benefit, for that of others, for the planet and my daughters, Lana & Leen. In 2017, when my second daughter arrived, it so happened that I became an entrepreneur, quite by chance. MKKM was born, an agency specialising in social networks, that has since risen to among the top 50 digital agencies in France and Belgium. With great references: AG Insurance, Thalès, AstraZeneca, Baobab, Rigoni di Asiago, Lactel, and many more. Five years on, the agency was the first digital agency in Belgium to be CO2 neutral certified.

  Our commitment. I'm proud of this achievement.



My motivation is to play my part in making the world a better place

Make a positive impact on the daily lives of others through actions that really matter

Reduce the digital divide
Help to foster entrepreneurship
Promote diversity and inclusion

I am Maha and I love sport. My hobbies include running – I have completed Brussels 20 km twice – I played basketball. Our team in Waterloo was champion in its category for the 2021-2022 season. Today, I began hockey, a sport practiced by the whole family.

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