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Hello, my name is Maha 

I am an entrepreneur.

Digital specialist.

Expert in recruitment.

Socially committed.

Great to see you here :)


I am a socially active entrepreneur, working predominantly in the digital sector & fostering entrepreneurship.

  I am the co-founder of MKKM, a Social Media Experts agency ranked in the top 50 digital companies in France and Belgium.


In January 2023, the agency joined the Virtuology group, with around 350 employees. A group with which MKKM shares the same human values ​​and vision of business. ​​ In 2023, I am seeking new professional horizons. New societal horizons that are close to my heart. I want to make my own positive contribution to certain issues within entrepreneurship, bridging the digital divide but above all creating a support network.


Looking forward to meeting you soon :)

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2023-01-05 Maha Karim - Hosselet_ A. Delsoir Photo_7845Web-pichi.jpg

Marketing, communications and recruitment consulting

Do you have to replace a colleague for a fixed term? Do you need support for a new project? ​

2023-01-05 Maha Karim - Hosselet_ A. Delsoir Photo_8018Web-pichi.jpg

Social media

My services are personalized to meet the specific needs of each client.

2023-01-05 Maha Karim - Hosselet_ A. Delsoir Photo_7869Web-pichi.jpg

Social media

I now have ten years of experience as a trainer for various institutions, companies, self-employed, VSEs, SMEs.



Contact me

Waterloo Office Park

+32 475 46 49 49

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